Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

Down for the count October 24, 2011

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Life sure is funny sometimes.  I was getting into a bit of a schedule going back to work, taking care of 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, and a husband, plus getting my workouts in.  It was starting to feel routine.

Then I got a phone call from my oldest son’s daycare 10 days ago saying I needed to pick him up since he had a 103 fever.  That started it.  I was so busy taking care of my ill son (and trying my best to keep my 3 month old away from him) that I didn’t work out that night.  Over the course of the last 4 days we have all gotten what I’ve started referring to as the viral crud.  It started (at least for me, I can’t speak for my husband or oldest son) as head congestion for a day, then sore throat for a day, and then chest congestion that will not quit.  I have been coughing so much over the last week and a half.  I have wanted to work out, but I have heard that if the cold is in your head that you can (provided it’s not too an intensity where you have trouble breathing), but that if it’s in your chest to rest.  So that’s what I have done. 

4 years ago I ran a marathon while suffering with bronchitis.  Yeah … it was stupid.  And I suffered for it.  Instead of getting over it in a few weeks, I ended up sick for months.  The marathon was the beginning of December and I didn’t start feeling better until late February.  Needless to say, I listen to my body now and rest when I have a chest cold.  So even though I have felt like a total sloth, I have rested. 

Today I did workout again.  I completed Week 2 of Firm Express, the Cardio + Sculpt DVD.  It felt good to get back at it.  Tomorrow night I’ll try running.  I still have a little bit of congestion in my chest but it’s much better.  We’ll see what happens when I try to run though.  I’d like to be able to do it nonstop, but if I end up having to walk for periods I’m ok with that.  Something is better than nothing.

On a positive note, I haven’t gained any weight back while I have been waiting this crud out.  I was completely surprised because I haven’t exactly been watching what I’ve been eating very well.  Yet another reason why breastfeeding is a beautiful thing.  : )


You’ve gotta take care of you! September 4, 2011

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So often you hear Mom’s explain their weight gain by saying they spent years caring for everyone else in their family’s that they didn’t have the time to care for yourself.  I’ve been guilty of similar thoughts myself.  After all, I only have so few hours a day with my children (when I’m working) so I want to spend every last second with them that I can.  And at the end of it, I’m too tired to even think about exercising. 

Well, this isn’t just a Mom issue.  My Mother-in-law is in a rehab center after suffering a massive stroke about 6 weeks ago.  My Father-in-law has not left her side for a single day since it happened other than to grab some quick meals, and to go home to sleep at night.  So he hasn’t gone to the fitness center and has been eating out almost exclusively for 6 weeks, while under the daily stress of wondering whether his wife of 49 years will recover enough to come home.  I think you can see where this is going.  Just this week he was taken to the ER because his blood pressure was spiking and he was disoriented.  And now he’s worried his pressure will stay high and he’ll have a stroke too. 

I know he was doing what he thought he needed to do to care for the love of his life.  He was putting her first and thinking of himself second.  But if he did end up having a stroke or heart attack he wouldn’t help her at all.  In fact, she’d be so worried about him, I believe, her own recovery would be at risk.

So, the moral of the story, as I see it, is that you have to make yourself a priority and find time to work out and eat well.  If not, you may not be around at all to take care of them.

That will be a huge challenge for me when my maternity leave is over in a month.  My current plan is to wake up early (5AM) to workout before work.  The daily timing of it may slightly vary based on when B wakes up to nurse.  In fact, to get my body use to this schedule I plan on waking early to work out starting after the holiday weekend.


It needs to be fun! September 1, 2011

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Having children has taught me so much about myself, or at least reminded me of things I use to know, but have ‘forgotten’ as I strove to be a mature adult.  I won’t get into all of that since this is a health-related blog, but one thing in particular is health-related.  If it’s going to keep your attention, it needs to be fun.  I can harp on my kids to do what I want them to do all day long and sure, they’ll probably reluctantly do it.  If it’s fun, however, it will keep their attention.  Fitness is the same way.  You’ve got to have fun doing it or you won’t.

I’m reminded of that episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe go running.  Rachel is appalled by Phoebe’s crazy running style and won’t run with her anymore.  Phoebe tells her that it’s fun that way and who cares what everyone else thinks.  Later on, Rachel tries Phoebe’s run and guess what … yep it’s fun!  Sometimes a girl just has to embrace her inner dork. 

One reason people don’t meet their goals with weight loss is because they look at a diet as a negative thing.  I can’t do what I want to do.  See how negative that sentence is?  If instead, you approach it as a change in your lifestyle, then it’s about you making a conscious choice to change the direction of your life.  You are making a positive change.  That said, you still need to have fun.  You’re not going to keep up workouts that make you miserable for the rest of your life. 

One small way I’ve been having fun with my workouts is how I name them on my tracking program.  Since I got my heart rate monitor, I can now track my personal calories burned on My Fitness Pal.  Yesterday I logged my run, “I just felt like runnin'” (you know, from Forrest Gump).  The other day I ran on the treadmill so instead of calling it something generic like “run”, I called it “I hate running on the treadmill.”  Which is true, I do hate it. 

But, Julie, you just said you needed to have fun, you hypocrite, doing something you hate.   Now I never said that everytime you worked out it had to be something that was fun.  It does all have to balance with your goals too.  I hate going to the dentist, but as a mature grown up I do it every 6 months because I need to in order to maintain my health.  That particular run was on the treadmill, because I chose to sleep in that morning (which was fun!) and so that left me with naptime in which to run.  And I wasn’t about to leave a 2 year and a 2 month old alone in a house for 40 minutes by themselves while I ran.  So that left me with skipping the workout (not what I wanted) or using the treadmill.  Easy choice for me. 

I guess my point is that if I only ever ran on the treadmill then I wouldn’t keep it up because it’s no fun for me.

What types of activities are fun for you?


Sometimes the body just says NO! August 26, 2011

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I had every intention of getting up early and running this morning.  I was shocked when the alarm went off.  Why?  Because I hadn’t had to get up and nurse my 2 month old at all in the night.  First thought, make sure he’s ok (let’s be honest Moms … that is our first reaction).  Second thought, Must wake him up to nurse him so he doesn’t wake up starving while the husband is home with him and I’m running. 

So that’s what I do.  But, I can’t get him to go back to sleep so I scrap the run.  I’ll do it tomorrow (which I really will, I promise) and swap in some Zumba during naptime. 

As the morning has progressed, however, my throat has gotten sore and I’m feeling more and more tired.  I’ve learned in my nearly 34 years that if I push through when my body puts on the brakes that I get really sick.  So, today will be devoted to rest … at least as much rest as a Mom of 2 can get. 

I’ve got 12 days left of the slimdown (today and tomorrow are rest days on it anyway so I’m not missing anything) so I need to be well to finish strong.


The best start! August 2, 2011

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  That it’s so beneficial to your body and metabolism to start your day off right.  And many diets out there talk about a fast start so get you motivated to keep at it.  Again….the importance of a good start.  When I got pregnant with C (and later with B) I wanted to make sure my boys got the best start to life they could.  And for me there was one way that could happen….with breastfeeding.  Since it’s World Breastfeeding Week right now, I think it’s the perfect time to discuss all the many benefits of Mommy milk.  But first, I don’t want people to think that I’m some breastfeeding freak who feels it’s the only right choice to make for your family.  That is so not the case.  I have friends who have formula fed, either through choice or through circumstance, and they love their kids every bit as much as I do mine.  Plus, both my husband and I were formula fed and I know our parents love us as well.  For me, though, this wasn’t as much a choice, as a must.

Best for baby:

  • It’s easier for a baby’s immature digestive system to process
  • Your milk changes as  the baby develops to give him/her the exact right ratio of protein, fat, sugar, and water that is needed for proper development.
  • Breast milk contains antibodies to help keep your baby from getting sick.
  • It also fights diseases.  Babies who are breastfed have lower instances of SIDS, diabetes, childhood leukemia, obesity, ear infections, allergies and asthma (to name a few).

Best for Mommy:

  • You get to eat more!  It can take 300-500 extra calories a day for your body to produce breast milk.
  • You get your figure back quicker.  The act of breastfeeding in the first few weeks after delivery causes your uterus to contract and shrink, which brings your midsection back to pre-pregnancy form sooner.
  • Breastfeeding Moms have lower instances of postpartum depression, breast & ovarian cancer, and type 2 diabetes.
  • If you are a working Mom like me, you’ll have fewer missed work days because your kids won’t get sick as often (thanks to those wonderful antibodies).
  • You get all that extra snuggle time with that precious child that you created.

For me the choice was clear.  I had frequent ear infections as a child, and my husband suffers from both allergies and asthma so I wanted to know that I had done everything I could to prevent those in my children.  I can’t say it’s all roses and lollipops… I mean, I’m the one who has to get up in the middle of the night every time the baby wakes.  I’m the one having to deal with sore nipples.  And I’m the one who has to remember to bring my pump to work and leave my desk three times a day to pump for my child.  But in the end, it is so worth it.  C is now 2 1/2 and has only had a handful of colds.  He’s never had one ear infection.  I can’t tell you how many I had by the time I was his age.  B is only 6 weeks old so we’ll see how he does, but so far so good.

If you are interested in breastfeeding, there are a number of resources available to you.  I highly recommend taking a breastfeeding class.  The one I took was offered by the hospital I delivered in.  Also ask to speak to a lactation consultant when you have delivered.  Some fabulous online resources are:

I was fortunate enough to nurse C until he was 13 months.  My goal for B is to get to a year.  Anything beyond that is added bonus.



Creamy Buffalo Chicken Wrap July 16, 2011

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 As a busy working Mom, I can appreciate the value of a quick dinner.  I’m sure once I return to work after maternity leave this will become very important as I’ll have 9-10 fewer hours in the day to accomplish everything.  A trap so many fall into when thinking quick meal is to run to the drive thru or order takeout.  Those choices certainly help me to accomplish my goals. 

This meal came together in a breeze.  I had it on the table in less than 10 minutes.  It was also delicious AND healthy.  I used what I had on hand, but you could certainly substitute Laughing Cow cheese for the cream cheese or a low fat ranch as well.  I would have added some diced celery for crunch if I had any on hand.  Maybe next time.  The picture below is of the sandwich pre-wrapping so you can actually see the good stuff.









Creamy Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Makes 1 serving


  • 3 oz cooked chicken, torn in small pieces
  • 1-3 tsp hot sauce, to your taste (I used 3 tsp, but thought it was a tad too hot for me)
  • 1 Tbsp cream cheese
  • 1/2 Tbsp ranch dressing
  • Low Carb/Low Fat tortilla
  • 1/2 cup baby spinach


  1. Combine chicken with hot sauce and warm in a small skillet over medium heat on the stovetop.
  2. Add in cream cheese and ranch dressing and stir until well combined and creamy.
  3. Place spinach down the center of your tortilla then top with chicken mixture.  Roll up and enjoy.

The Skinny:  264 calories | 16g carbs | 13g fat | 4.8g sat | 22g pro

Source: a Fit for my Princes original


Crispy Baked Zucchini Fries July 14, 2011

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It seems lately that many diet books on the market are about simple subsitutions to lose weight.  I can’t disagree.  People are creatures of habit and those habits are hard to break.  Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle require many habit changes so saving a few simple ones can definitely help in making a lifestyle change as opposed to a vicious yo-yo cycle.  One of those habits, for me at least, is having fries as a side to burgers and brats. 

My Dad was in the hospital back in February because of some chest pains (he had a heart attack 15 years ago) and one of his doctor’s suggested swapping veggies in for starches.  This recipe is a play on that by swapping zucchini for potatoes.   The original recipe served 6 and since my husband is still out of town visiting my Mother-in-law in the hospital, and the recipe’s author says they are not as good reheated I adapted the recipe to size it down to just one serving.  I did this by using smaller portions of the same ingredients with one exception.  The original recipe (linked below) called for 2 eggs.  Paring that down to 1 serving meant I would need to use 1/3 of an egg.  Since you can’t use 1/3 of an egg and I didn’t want to be wasteful (nor did I want to scramble 2/3 of an egg to use it up) I used the equivalent amount of liquid egg substitute.  I have adjusted the nutrition information below to reflect the actual nutrition from the products and amounts I used.









Crispy Baked Zucchini Fries
Makes 1 serving


  • 1 1/2 tsp whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp liquid egg substitute
  • 1/3 cup Panko breadcrumbs
  • Dash each of Lawry’s seasoned salt, coarse ground black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper
  • 2 2/3 oz zucchini, cut into 4-5 inch sticks (about 1/3 to 1/2 a normal sized zucchini).


  1. Preheat oven to 425F and line a baking sheet with parchment.
  2. Place flour in a sandwich or quart size resealable bag.
  3. Whisk egg substitute with 1 tsp water and place in a shallow dish.
  4. Place Panko, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper in a shallow dish and mix to combine.
  5. Place zucchini in the bag with the flour and shake until well coated.  Dip the zucchini into the egg substitute mixture and then into the Panko mixture, turning to coat well.
  6. Place breaded zucchini on the baking sheet.
  7. Bake 18-20 minutes, until golden brown.
  8. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce (I used ranch dressing).

NOTE:  These are best the first day, but to store leftovers, store in a single layer on a plate, wrapped with saran wrap.  Reheat at 375F for 5-7 minutes, until heated through.

The Skinny:  104 calories | 19.2g carbs | 0.7g fat | 0.3g sat | 6g pro

Source: Adapted from Confections’s of a Foodie Bride