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Can’t is a choice August 9, 2012

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My Dad told me once that having children was a very humbling experience, because you get frustrated with how they are behaving and then realize that those negative traits came from yourself.  I didn’t quite get it at the time since I was a very young adult when he said them, however now that I have kids of my own I can definitely see the wisdom in those words.

I have struggled for years with the “I can’ts”  I can’t do this, I can’t do that.  Ironically, not on major stuff.  I’ll set really lofty goals for myself and work hard to achieve them (like running that marathon back in 2007).  But my inner demon will convince me on smaller things that I can’t do it and so I stop.

Each morning the boys and I take the dog on a walk.  Well, really it’s more me taking everyone on a walk.  The boys are strapped in the double jogging stroller and I’m also holding onto the dog’s leash when we go.  Well on this particular morning we were about 4 blocks from my in-laws house when it started to rain.  I started heading back once it started to drizzle and when that got heavier I started to run.  I haven’t run at all since I finished C25K last fall and since the weight has come back on it’s not exactly an easy task to do while pushing about 90 pounds in the stoller (30 pounds of stroller, 40 pounds of “C”, and 20 pounds of “B”).  I made it about 2 blocks before I needed a breather.  Once I started walking, “C” said, “Run, Mommy!” and I said “I can’t”.  Then I realized what I had done and I knew that was not a legacy I wanted to pass onto my son so I told him that Mommy was wrong, that can’t was a choice and I started running again and didn’t stop until I made it to the driveway.

See I had two options that morning, (1) believe the ‘can’t’ and keep walking or (2) do it and show the ‘can’t’ who’s boss.  I choose #2.  And hopefully through my lead, my children will choose 2 also.


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