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It sure comes off slowly doesn’t it September 28, 2011

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I watch The Biggest Loser and Season 12 is just starting.  This season they have split the contestants into three teams divided by age.  Bonnie is one of the oldest contestants this season.  Compared to others, she has not had stellar weight loss in the first two weeks (although her loss is great for someone at home and not exercising 6-8 hours a day).  She lost I think 2 pounds week 1 and 3 pounds week 2.  And when she saw her week two loss her quote was the title to this post.

First of all, yes, it does come off slowly.  And I personally think that’s the best way for it to come off.  And some people may look at her and see failure when you see others losing upwards of 15 pounds in one week.  But, a loss is a loss.  She weighs less today than she did when she started.  Second, she has a bad knee which limits the intensity she can workout with weight-bearing exercises.  Thirdly (and most importantly), in an earlier segment of the show she met with the show’s physician.  It was revealed that in 1991 she had her stomach stapled and lost a significant amount of weight.  The doctor then explained to her that most of the weight she lost as a result of that surgery was muscle and not fat.  They didn’t say this on the show, but the net result of losing muscle and not fat is that her body’s metabolism slowed down.  A lot.  Muscle at rest burns many more calories than fat does.  That is why you need to weight train, even if you are just trying to lose weight and not build muscle.  A body’s first inclination when faced with decreased calories is to shed muscle and store fat.  Weight training will help maintain the muscle and thus keeping your metabolism working in your favor.

This is why quick fix diets and extreme weight loss surgeries typically don’t work in the long term.  Sure, there are examples of people where it has worked, but I believe they are the exception not the rule.  You didn’t gain weight overnight, so it’s ridiculous to think you’ll lose it overnight either.  I’m not planning on making it to my goal weight for a year or even more.  And I’m ok with that.  I’d rather it be a permanent change anyway.


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