Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

Back in the swing of things September 24, 2011

Filed under: Motivation — fitformyprinces @ 4:19 pm

We went out of town this past week.  My sister-in-law became a U.S. citizen on Tuesday so we wanted to be there to support her, and to show our boys what an honor and privilege it is to be a citizen here.  Once the ceremony was over we went up to my in-law’s to have the boys visit my Mother-in-law in the rehab center.  She is doing much better, but she does have a long way to go. 

While we were gone I had intended to continue my workouts, but it was much harder to actually fit it in while completely out of my home.  I ran on the treadmill at the hotel Tuesday morning but nothing else (unless you count walking around the Smithsonian museum) until today.  I also didn’t count any calories and I did indulge in some chocolate and a lot of eating out. 

The net result is that I gained a pound.  But I also gained a new-found appreciation for how eating right and exercising makes me feel.  While I was not working out or counting calories I felt sluggish and just blah.  I definitely feel better and have more energy when I work out and want to continue feeling that way.  Having that week off was such a good thing for my continued motivation.


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