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It fits!!!!!!! September 16, 2011

Filed under: Non-Scale Victories — fitformyprinces @ 9:34 am

One great benefit of losing weight is that old clothes fit, or at least fit better.  I’ve been enjoying going through old drawers and pulling things out that fit again.  I’ve also been more interested in making sure my hair looks nice, because I want my outside to look as good as I feel on the inside.

But this post isn’t about old clothes fitting.  It’s about this:










My BEAUTIFUL engagement/wedding rings are back on my finger!  I took them off in August 2008 when I was experiencing some major finger swelling while in my second trimester of pregnancy with C.  Now over 3 years and a whole other pregnancy later and the rings are back where they belong.   That has been one of my motivations so I’m definitely excited.  I can’t wait for the boys’ naptime so I can go workout.


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