Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

Reflections on 10 years ago…. September 12, 2011

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On September 11, 2001 I was a 23 year old single, young professional who had just moved back to my home state of Wisconsin after living in Los Angeles for a year.  Ironically, I think I was about the same weight I am today, maybe a little more.

Today I’m a married, not as young professional living in another state altogether with 2 wonderful sons. 

I remember hearing stories on news programs of people who lost loved ones that horrific day and crying for their pain.  That is still the case.  I can’t help but cry for the parents who lost children, children who lost parents, spouses who lost the loves of their lives, and especially for the deceased fathers who never got to meet their children who were still unborn when they were murdered that day. 

I chose to honor the dead yesterday by living the day to the fullest with my boys, because you never know when you may be forced to say Goodbye.

If you are reading this and were personally impacted that day, my prayers and sympathies are with you.  I will never forget.


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