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Day 50 of 60 Day Slimdown August 28, 2011

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50 of the 60 days are done.  This has been a rough 10 days.  First of all, my eating has not been quite spectacular.  We went to a party and brought cookies.  We ended up bringing them home with us and yours truly ate all of them over a few days.  And then two days ago I caught a cold and started to feel completely run down and congested.  I ended up taking 2 days off working out (they were actual rest days in the program).  I’m still feeling chest congestion today, but I’m not as tired and so I did manage to workout today.  I just listened to my body and did a lower intensity move when I needed to. 

Below are my latest measurements (done every 10 days):

  • Dominant Arm:  12  ( -1/4 inch since Day 40-1 inch since Day 1)
  • Chest: 40  (-1/4 inch since Day 40, -2 inches since Day 1)
  • Neck: 13 1/2 (-0 inches since Day 40, -1 inch since Day 1)
  • Natural Waistline: 34 3/4  (-3/4 inch since Day 40, -7.75 inches since Day 1)
  • Navel: 45 1/2  (0 inches since Day 40, -3 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Hips: 41 1/2  (-1 inch since Day 40, -2 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Leg: 25 1/2  ( 0 inches since Day 40, -2 inches since Day 1)
  • Calf: 16 3/4  (0 inches since Day 40,  -3/4 inch since Day 1)
  • Weight: 184.0 (-1.4pounds since Day 40, -13 pounds since Day 1).

I’m in the homestretch of this program now.  And I’m so excited to finish strong.  I’ll wrap this program AND Couch to 5K up the same week. 

I also bought a new “toy” this week and used it for the first time today.  I purchased a heart rate monitor.  I decided I wanted a better knowledge of my caloric burn while exercising.  It also holds me accountable for my workout intensity. 

Also, I have tentatively decided the next “program” I will do is Firm Express.  Theoretically you are only to do three 20-minute workouts a week with this program so I will do that 3 days a week and throw in some yoga/pilates/zumba after to build my workout time up, and run on 3 other days that week as I still want to complete a 10K on Thanksgiving.


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