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It’s that time of year again…. August 23, 2011

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B is now 2 months old and we had to take him to the pediatrician for his check-up.  While we were there they suggested that both C and I could get our flu vaccines as well.  Since C is now 2 1/2 he is able to do the Flu Mist instead of the injection like he’s had to have the last 2 years.  I also opted for the Flu Mist.  Most people who know me would think it’s because that method does not use a needle (which is true, I HATE needles).  My boys’ pediatrician has also explained why, in his opinion, the mist is preferable to the shot.  He says that the mist is a dead version of the live virus and so it causes your body to create your own antibodies to it, which is a better immune response. 

Now I don’t pretend to be a medical expert by any means, but that sounds reasonable to me.  Now, I do know that not everyone can take the mist.  If you are pregnant, under two years of age, or have asthma, you need to have the shot.   Additionally, you cannot have any flu vaccine until you are at least 6 months of age.  And this is another reason why I’m glad to have had the Flu Mist.  B will not be 6 months of age until just before Christmas which is well into flu season.  But, because the Flu Mist causes my body to create it’s own antibodies, B will get the benefit as the antibodies are shared with him while he nurses. 

It feels so nice to know that neither my children nor I should get the flu this year.  Now to get my husband to get his flu shot.  He has asthma so cannot get the benefit of the Mist, but the shot provides good coverage as well.


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