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I think I can, I think I can August 6, 2011

Filed under: Motivation — fitformyprinces @ 7:37 pm

I saw a great quote today while skimming through my Facebook news feed this morning.

People who say you “can’t,” are afraid that you “might.” When you “do,” it intimidates them as they wonder if they “could.”

 So simple yet so profound.  Too often we live down to others’ expectations of us instead of pushing boundaries and being our best.  Loved ones may think they’re cautioning you out of concern, but sub-consciously they’re worried that you will succeed, grow emotionally, and not need them anymore. 

This is precisely why you need to set goals for YOU and not for anyone else.  I had a loved one (who’s identity shall remain a mystery) tell me I couldn’t run a marathon when I mentioned that I was considering it.  Well that was all I needed.  I fed off that doubt and proudly proved that loved one wrong when I completed the Las Vegas Marathon just 8 days after turning 30. 

Moral of the story … turn any negativity around you into something positive.  That way it helps propel you to achieve your goals instead of weighing you down.



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