Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

Weight is just a number….. August 4, 2011

Filed under: Motivation — fitformyprinces @ 7:39 pm

Cliche, but true.  A number on the scale doesn’t take frame size, body fat percentages, or muscle toning into account.  For ladies of the right age it also doesn’t give you any ‘credit’ for that time of the month either.  Yet so many people are tied to that scale and the number on it.  No loss, or *gasp*, a gain and they get all depressed and give up. 

While I do watch the scale, I try to put more stock in non-scale victories.  Currently I’m weighing and taking measurements every 10 days while doing the 60-Day Slimdown.  Today is not a measurement day, but I’m celebrating a Non-Scale Victory today, nonetheless.  Today while doing the Shed 5 Fast video I was doing knee repeaters and noticed that my capris were starting to slip down my hips.  They have an adjustable waist, but it was tied to fit my ‘old’ waist.  Time to get that knot undone so I can tie it to fit my waist now.



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