Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

To rest or not to rest …. that is the question July 23, 2011

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The first phase of the 60-day slimdown has about 2 rest days a week.  Since I started on a Sunday one typically falls on a Wednesday and the other on Saturday.  I’m doing Couch to 5K at the same time as the 60-day slimdown by swapping Cardio days on the slimdown for my C25k run intervals.  So that means Mon/Wed/Fri are run days leaving me Saturday as my only rest day. 

I understand the concept of rest.  Heck, I force my toddler to do it every day.  Basically, you need rest days to allow your muscles to recover from all the hard work you’ve been putting in so it can recover for the future hard work you’ll be doing.   But, I also get into a groove with daily workouts and I’d hate to mess with that. 

One thing I do when trying to make decisions is a pro/con list.  Now for simple decisions I don’t make formal lists, but I do weigh them in my head.  Let’s see if I can make my decision the same way today.


  1. I feel great when I do it.
  2. I have quite a bit of weight to lose so any cardio helps.
  3. I’m planning on doing Zumba, and I really like it.
  4. I’m more patient with my kids after I’ve exercised (and with the way they’ve been acting the last few days I need all the patience I can get).
  5. I’ve snacked on more of C’s animal crackers than I’d like to admit this week and the extra calorie burn would help me see good results when I weigh and measure again next week.
  6. Exercise gives me energy to make it through my day.
  7. I’m still nursing B, so I already spend a lot of time a day (every 2-3 hours) sitting on the couch with my feet up, which I would consider “resting”.


  1. I am tired.  B had me up 3 times in the night, I heard C on the monitor once, and my husband called once so that’s 5 sleep interruptions.
  2. My house could use some time devoted to cleaning/picking up.
  3. I have about 3 hours of work to put in on my part-time job this week.  If I don’t exercise I can get more time in this afternoon, allowing me to not stay up as late tonight.
  4. I wouldn’t be having a true rest day anyway.  Since my husband is gone visiting his Mom in the hospital, I’ll have to strap both boys into our double stroller and walk our dog tonight.  Between keeping up a pace that would be good exercise for a German Shepherd and pushing about 45 lbs of kids plus equipment up the hills in our subdivision can get rather sweat-inducing.
  5. The majority of trainers say rest days are good for you.

I don’t know.  I’m still not sold 100% in either directions.  I’m strongly leaning towards doing Zumba and then cleaning up for as much of naptime that remains.  It really depends on when B (1 month old) decides to sleep and for how long.  I’ll keep reassessing through the day to see how I feel before completely deciding.

Edited to add:  I did decide to do an hour of Zumba.  : )  My favorite part was when C decided to dance with me.  I just love modeling a healthy lifestyle for him.


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