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Got motivation? July 21, 2011

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I belong to a Facebook group of other young Moms (yes, I’m 33 and still consider myself young) who are doing the 60-day slimdown program I’m partipating in.  A recent series of posts have come from people asking for help getting motivated. 

So that begs the question.  What is motivating me?  Well since I’m 33 let’s see if I can come up with 33 motivations.

  1. Seeing my boys grow up into men.
  2. Being able to play with my active children.
  3. Being able to play with my potential future grandchildren.
  4. My parents – they have lost about 100 pounds between the 2 of them since the beginning of the year.
  5. My sister – she’s always been slim so she’s proof that my “it’s in my genes” excuse is just that … an excuse.
  6. Looking great in a pair of skinny jeans.
  7. Feeling good about the body I see in the mirror.
  8. Knowing that if I get pregnant again that my weight will be low enough at the start that the scale will never go over 200 again.
  9. Completing the couch to 5K program.
  10. I remember how fantastic I felt when I weighed much less.
  11. Being a better Mommy (exercise gives me more patience with my kids)
  12. Modeling for my boys what a healthy lifestyle looks like.
  13. Not feeling self conscious in a bathing suit.
  14. Liking the body that looks back at me in the mirror.
  15. Being out of breath because I just worked out hard, not because I just walked up a flight of stairs.
  16. To get my wedding/engagement rings back on my finger.
  17. Being able to run another half marathon.
  18. Having enough energy at the end of the day to play hard when my boys when I get home from work instead of sitting us all in front of the tv for a movie so I can “rest”.
  19. I’ve held onto my skinny clothes, so wearing them again would be fabulous.
  20. Having C and B look at pictures when they’re older and be surprised at how fat Mommy was (meaning they have no personal recollection of my being anything other than fit).
  21. Not having a heart attack in my 40’s like my Dad did.
  22. Not having a stroke in my 60’s like my Grandparents did.
  23. Being able to show my friends who have gained so much weight with their pregnancies (and struggled to lose/didn’t lose it) that you CAN do it. 
  24. Being able to do a set of REAL push-ups, not just ‘girl’ ones.
  25. Weighing LESS than I did in high school (was a size 12-14 back then).
  26. Buying (and wearing) clothes in single digit sizes.
  27. Being fit enough to go hiking in the beautiful nearby Smoky Mountains.
  28. Not having my body jiggle while I do jumping moves.
  29. Losing the big belly so I can properly do a burpee.
  30. Being every bit as strong as my husband.
  31. Living a long life, and having as few years when I’m in poor health as possible.  I mean, cuz what’s the point in living to 100 if you feel like garbage for the last 40 of them?
  32. Not having my boys have to worry about my having a sudden heart attack or stroke (at least not until they are older men themselves).
  33. Working out and having C some and mimic my moves.  He may be 2 1/2, but he’s not too young to start working out himself. 

I know that some of these may appear to be more “goals” than motivations to some, but I’m of the belief that goals can be motivating.   Otherwise why make them?

Oh, and for those who know me in real life and were at my wedding, here is the explanation about why I’m not able to wear my wedding/engagement rings.  Yes, when I got married back in 2005 I weighed 210 pounds vs the 192 I weighed in at a couple days ago.  But, my rings are not currently at their original size.  When I lost 70 pounds in 2007 I had the rings resized because they fell off my fingers one day.  So my rings are much smaller than my current fingers.  I haven’t had my rings on since the second trimester of my pregnancy with C (took them off in August 2008).  It would be nice to be able to wear my beautiful diamond again.



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