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Day 10 of 60 Day Slimdown July 19, 2011

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Today is my 10th Day of the 60 Day Slimdown Program.  So far I am really liking this program.  I am modifying it slightly.  On certain days she has cardio intervals (run/walk/sprint) for us to do.  I’m subbing the Couch to 5K program in for those, since as a former long-distance runner another of my goals is to get my endurance back.  But on the days where it lists specific DVD workouts to do, I am following them specifically. 

Part of the Slimdown Program is taking measurements every 10 days to measure progress.  Below are my results:

  • Dominant Arm:  12 1/2 (-1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Chest: 42 (no change since Day 1)
  • Neck: (no change since Day 1)
  • Natural Waistline: 39 (-3 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Navel: 47 1/2 (-1 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Hips: 43 3/4 (-1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Leg: 25 (-2 inches since Day 1)
  • Calf: 17 1/4 (-1/4 inch since Day 1)
  • Weight: 192.2 (-4.8 pounds since Day 1).

That adds up to 4.8 pounds and 8 1/4 inches lost.  If you consider the fact that you have two arms and legs and therefore double those inches lost it makes it an 11 inch loss.

I am THRILLED with these results.  And I know they will just keep getting better, because others who have completed this program ahead of me tell me the exercises get more intense as the program goes along so that you are constantly challenging your body and getting results. 

One thing I absolutely love about this program is that all the assigned exercises are 30-40 minutes in length, so completely doable when you are busy.  Since I have been on maternity leave I’ve been doing them during afternoon nap time, but when I returm to work in October I’ll be able to fit it in once the boys go to sleep at night.


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