Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

Getting the kids involved July 17, 2011

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Even though this blog is very young I have said it numerous times already that I am getting fit for my boys.  But it doesn’t do them any good for me to be fit and active if they spend their existence sitting around. 

I’ll admit it.  C watches much more tv than I would like.  Before I went out on maternity leave he was at a sitter during the day.  She would have the tv on pretty much the whole day.  And yes, he would play with toys and not just veg out, but he watched A LOT of tv.  And at night, my husband likes to decompress by watching tv.  So there were many days that C would have the tv on every single waking moment. 

I had grand plans for my maternity leave.  No tv during the day.  Lots of playing outside and being active.  I seem to have forgotten just how much work a newborn is.  Not to mention the fact that I breastfeed so how much of my day is related to sitting there with a nursling attached to me.  So needless to say we’re still watching quite a bit of tv.  I am trying to make sure that the tv I have on is educational and I have noticed C’s language just exploading before my eyes.  And I will turn it off quite a bit and he will play independently with his toys. 

One area I have wanted him to get involved in is our daily dog walk.  Typically I would push a stroller with both boys and have the lease in one hand.  I am not able to hold a leash in one hand, C’s hand in the other, AND push B in a stroller.  Today, though, I decided to let go of my expectations of a great cardio workout, strapped B to my body in my Ergo baby carrier, had the leash in one hand, and C’s hand in the other.  Our pace was pretty slow for me (just right for a 2 1/2 year old though).  If you follow all the cul-de-sacs in our subivision you can make a loop at 1 1/4 miles.  I didn’t think C would make it the whole way so we made a few short cuts and ultimately did about half of it.   So no, it wasn’t anything I’d count as exercise for me, but it was still a success.  I got both boys out in some Vitamin D rich sun (I’m deficient so this is good), C had some good cardio exercise, and we spent less time on our butts in front of the tv.  It’s also good to know that I don’t need to strap C into a stroller and not allow him to exercise at all.  He can participate with me now.  And hopefully once B gets older and is able, he can join us as well. 



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