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A timely reminder as to why….. July 12, 2011

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Last night I received a timely reminder as to why I am doing this…I witnessed the look in my husband’s eyes when he learned that his Mom was in the hospital after having a stroke.  That is a look I never want to see in my boys’ eyes. 

I don’t want to place blame on any of my family members, however we have not necessarily been the epitome of healthy living and so it shouldn’t be shocking to see the extent of stroke and heart disease amongst my relatives.   Three of my four grandparents have had strokes and the fourth had heart problems.   Of my husband’s grandparents, one died of a heart attack and two of strokes (I believe, I could be wrong on that).  Both of our Dad’s have had heart attacks and survived and his uncle died young of a heart attack as well.   So chances are, me, my husband, and our children will have heart problems or stroke issues in the future.  Our family history pretty much dictates that is how we’ll meet our maker.  But ….. if I get and stay fit I may be able to delay that end until I’m elderly instead of middle aged. 

Yes people can have heart attacks or strokes who live outwardly healthy lifestyles.  It happens everyday.  But, more often than not, these situations are complications from lifestyle choices, like poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking.  Now I will say that while my Mother-in-law is diabetic and has recently been having some high blood pressure issues, that she does eat well and she and my Father-in-law do try to stay active.  So please don’t take my words as somehow blaming her lifestyle for this.  That is not the case at all.

So if you are reading this, you have a choice to make.  For me, the choice is simple.  No amount of food or sitting on my butt watching television is worth losing time with my boys.



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