Living healthy as a busy Mom with two little boys

Let’s get this party started. July 5, 2011

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First blog posts always seem so random and typically awkward.  I’d like to change that, but my lack of sleep currently makes that an impossibility.  Nonetheless, thanks for finding my blog and reading up to this point.  So what is this blog anyway?  My plans are to document my journey back into health and fitness.  Additionally I plan to include any delicious yet healthy recipes I discover, the effectiveness of exercise programs I use, as well as any tips I discover about how to get kids to eat better and move more, and how to incorporate healthy living into a busy lifestyle.  As a working Mom, I know what it’s like to be busy, but I still need to find time to do this.  My children are worth it.

So how about some background on me….

I am a 30-something Mom to my two princes.  My oldest “C” was born in December 2008 and my youngest “B” just joined our family in June 2011.  I am over the moon in love with them.  I have struggled with weight issues basically my entire life.  I can pinpoint the summer I got fat.  It was 1987 and the summer between third and fourth grade.  My weight steadily increased from that point until I was 28 when I was 210 pounds on just a 5’5″ frame.  Until that point I had a steady weight increase as well as a steady yo-yo diet.  I’d lose 20 pounds gain it all plus more, start over, you know the drill.  What changed at 28?  I had just had my first blood test and *shocker* my cholesterol was high and triglycerides were almost twice what they should have been.  My doctor said she was giving me three months to get my numbers down through diet and exercise or she was putting me on cholesterol meds.  That was the push I needed.  While my numbers didn’t improve vastly in 3 months I did lose 30 pounds and my doctor was happy with that so we kept on.  When I turned 29 I made a goal to run a marathon for my 30th Birthday so I started running.  A few months before my 30th birthday I weight 135 pounds and felt phenomenal.  I did achieve that goal of running a marathon, even though I was significantly slower than I had anticipated (I got bronchitis a couple weeks before the race so my breathing was not up to par). 

After the race I was sick for many weeks and completely stopped exercising to recuperate.  Unfortunately I got caught up in old habits and was still eating like I was marathon training and the weight crept back on.  Then in April of that year I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  By the time I delivered C I was up to 223 pounds.  Six months after C was born I started exercising but noticed a big difference in the amount of breastmilk my body was producing so I stopped.  Nursing my children to 12 months of age is very important to me so I decided I needed to eat more.  By the time C was a year old and I stopped nursing I was back up to my at time of delivery weight of 223. 

When C was about 18 months old I got back into exercising, losing weight, I had even started running again.  I lost about 40 pounds and was back nearly to my pre-pregnancy weight with C of 183.  Then I broke my foot and was wearing an orthopedic boot and using crutches for 3 months.  During that period I put on about 15 pounds due to ‘pity eating’ and THEN found out I was pregnant with B. 

This time I was going to be more careful.  Not as much ice cream and more exercising.  And I did well.  I still ended my pregnancy at about 225 pounds but considering I started at 197 and gave birth to a 9lb 8oz baby I’m happy with my 27 pound gain (as opposed to 40 pounds with C). 

Today I am 19 days post delivery and when I got on the scale this morning I am back to 197 and very happy about that.  But I would like to be under 130 so I still have a LONG way to go.  Today I am starting Lindsay Brin’s 60 Day Slimdown program.  We’ll see how that goes.  The program includes a fitness plan and a food plan that is adaptable to nursing Mom’s.  I still know pretty well what I should be eating (my problem is not knowledge, it’s just doing what I know I need to do) so I’m not going to fully follow her food plan.  My goal is to eat 2000-2100 calories a day (again, I’m currently breastfeeding and need the extra calories to be able to produce sufficient milk for my growing boy.  If you’re not breastfeeing you would not need as many calories).  I’m logging my daily food consumption on My Fitness Pal and won’t bore you with the details here. 

Part of the program is a fitness tracker.  So here are my measurements on Day 1:

  • Dominant Arm:  13
  • Chest: 42
  • Neck: 14 1/2
  • Natural waistline*: 42 1/2
  • 1-inch below belly button: 49
  • Hips: 44 1/4
  • Dominant Leg: 27
  • Dominant Calf: 17 1/2
  • Weight: 197

The program has you repeat these measurements every 10 days over the course of the 60 days. 



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