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Magic Happy Pill July 31, 2011

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Many kudos to all you single parents out there.  It is such hard work.  I know what you’re thinking, “But Julie, you’re married?  How can you possible know?”  Well, my husband left me.  Now don’t go freaking out, Mom (I know you’re reading this), it’s not a permanent thing.  He’s gone back to help his Dad out with his Mom as they transition her from the hospital to the rehab center.  So I again, am home alone to care for our 2 1/2 year old “C” and nearly 6 week old “B” by myself.  Normally, it’s not so bad because I’m very independent and like doing things for myself, so it doesn’t bother me when he travels.

Last night and this morning are a different story though. 

I was busy working so I didn’t get my workout done during afternoon nap time as usual.  So I waited until the boys went to sleep.  B went down after C at about 10pm so after I did Zumba for an hour it was after 11pm when I was done.  At that point I had too much energy to go to sleep so I was up unwinding until about 12:30AM.

B woke me up at 2:30 to nurse and then would not go back down.  So I was up with him until 5AM.  No sooner did I get B to sleep and close my own weary eyes when I heard C on the baby monitor waking up from a nightmare.  When I brought him back go the room to bunk with his brother and me, I noticed a gigantic centipede on the wall immediately over my pillow, and then scooted away out of sight once I returned with supplies to kill it.  Um, no, don’t think I’ll be catching anymore shut-eye in there.   It was close to 6 by the time I got us moved to the guest bed, settled down, and asleep.  Then C woke me up for the day at 8AM. 

Needless to say, running on very little sleep has not made me the most patient Mommy this morning.  So instead of putting it off until this evening again, I just got my workout in and feel much better.  Exercising is definitely my ‘happy pill’.  And that’s really one thing I like so much about Lindsay Brin’s system…the workouts are challenging, but quick so you can get it done and get back to your most important job….being a Mom.


Day 20 of 60 Day Slimdown July 29, 2011

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Today is my 20th Day of the 60 Day Slimdown Program.  I am VERY happy with this program so far.  The workouts are ones I can fit into my busy days and I am seeing results.  I can tell I’m stronger already. 

Part of the Slimdown Program is taking measurements every 10 days to measure progress.  Below are my results:

  • Dominant Arm:  12 1/2  (no change since Day 10, 1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Chest: 41 1/2 (-1/2 inch since Day 10 and Day 1)
  • Neck: 14 1/2 (no change since Day 1)
  • Natural Waistline: 36 1/2 (-2 1/2 inches since Day 10, -6 inches since Da0y 1)
  • Navel: 47 1/2 (no change since Day 10, -1 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Hips: 43  (-3/4 inch since Day 10, -1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Leg: 25 1/2  (+1/2 inch since Day 10, -1 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Calf: 17  (-1/4 inch since Day 10,  -1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Weight: 190.4 (-1.8 pounds since Day 10, -6.6 pounds since Day 1).

I am happy with these results.  I knew that these 10 days would not produce as many results as the first 10 days, but I still saw losses or no change in every measurement except my legs.  That one surprises me because that’s one area I’ve felt stronger, but I attribute it to either (1) not getting a consistent spot to measure between the 3 times, or (2) I’m building muscle and my body focused on releasing fat from other areas the last 10 days.  Either way I’m seeing progress and I’m happy about that.

I’m also happy with the weight loss.  I had adjusted my eating up since it seemed to me like my milk supply was starting to decrease.  Now I’m making much more, possibly too much so I’m going to try and eat a little less and hopefully that will be just the balance I need.


Open Faced Pizza! Pizza! Egg Sandwiches July 26, 2011

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My parents are visiting this week.  It’s their first time meeting B since he was born 5 weeks ago.  One nice thing about them coming to visit (especially now) is that they’re usually more willing than my husband to try a new healthy recipe.  The reason I say especially now is that since my Dad was in the hospital in February with chest pains, they have been getting healthy and fit themselves and have lost about 100 pounds between the two of them.  I was showing my Dad the latest cookbook I purchased with loads of low-cal meals in it.  His eyes were immediately drawn to the same recipe as mine, and since I had all the ingredients on hand (except one which I substituted) we made it for breakfast.  Hungry Girl‘s original recipe is calls for the eggs to be served in a mug, but I’m more of a breakfast sandwich kinda girl so I served mine open-faced over a light, high-fiber English muffin for only 100 calories more.










Open-Faced Pizza! Pizza! Egg Sandwiches
Makes 1 serving


  • 2 Tbsp jarred pasta sauce
  • 1/8 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute
  • 1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese
  • 6 slices turkey pepperoni, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp reduced-fat Parmesan-style  grated cheese
  • 1 Thomas’ Light mult-grain English Muffin, toasted


  1. In a small bowl, combine pasta sauce and Italian seasoning.  Mix well and set aside.
  2. Spray a large microwave-safe bowl with nonstick spray.  Add egg substitute and cheese wedge, breaking the cheese wedge into small pieces as you add it.  Microwave for 1 minute.
  3. Gently stir and microwave for another 30-45 seconds. 
  4. Add sauce mix and pepperoni to the bowl.  Mix well.  Microwave for another 30 seconds, or until scramble is just set. 
  5. Divide mixture over each side of the English muffin and Sprinkle with grated topping.  Allow to cool slightly and then Enjoy.

The Skinny:  234 calories | 30g carbs | 4.25g fat | 22.5g pro

Source: Adapted from Hungry Girl’s 300 under 300 by Lisa Lillien


To rest or not to rest …. that is the question July 23, 2011

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The first phase of the 60-day slimdown has about 2 rest days a week.  Since I started on a Sunday one typically falls on a Wednesday and the other on Saturday.  I’m doing Couch to 5K at the same time as the 60-day slimdown by swapping Cardio days on the slimdown for my C25k run intervals.  So that means Mon/Wed/Fri are run days leaving me Saturday as my only rest day. 

I understand the concept of rest.  Heck, I force my toddler to do it every day.  Basically, you need rest days to allow your muscles to recover from all the hard work you’ve been putting in so it can recover for the future hard work you’ll be doing.   But, I also get into a groove with daily workouts and I’d hate to mess with that. 

One thing I do when trying to make decisions is a pro/con list.  Now for simple decisions I don’t make formal lists, but I do weigh them in my head.  Let’s see if I can make my decision the same way today.


  1. I feel great when I do it.
  2. I have quite a bit of weight to lose so any cardio helps.
  3. I’m planning on doing Zumba, and I really like it.
  4. I’m more patient with my kids after I’ve exercised (and with the way they’ve been acting the last few days I need all the patience I can get).
  5. I’ve snacked on more of C’s animal crackers than I’d like to admit this week and the extra calorie burn would help me see good results when I weigh and measure again next week.
  6. Exercise gives me energy to make it through my day.
  7. I’m still nursing B, so I already spend a lot of time a day (every 2-3 hours) sitting on the couch with my feet up, which I would consider “resting”.


  1. I am tired.  B had me up 3 times in the night, I heard C on the monitor once, and my husband called once so that’s 5 sleep interruptions.
  2. My house could use some time devoted to cleaning/picking up.
  3. I have about 3 hours of work to put in on my part-time job this week.  If I don’t exercise I can get more time in this afternoon, allowing me to not stay up as late tonight.
  4. I wouldn’t be having a true rest day anyway.  Since my husband is gone visiting his Mom in the hospital, I’ll have to strap both boys into our double stroller and walk our dog tonight.  Between keeping up a pace that would be good exercise for a German Shepherd and pushing about 45 lbs of kids plus equipment up the hills in our subdivision can get rather sweat-inducing.
  5. The majority of trainers say rest days are good for you.

I don’t know.  I’m still not sold 100% in either directions.  I’m strongly leaning towards doing Zumba and then cleaning up for as much of naptime that remains.  It really depends on when B (1 month old) decides to sleep and for how long.  I’ll keep reassessing through the day to see how I feel before completely deciding.

Edited to add:  I did decide to do an hour of Zumba.  : )  My favorite part was when C decided to dance with me.  I just love modeling a healthy lifestyle for him.


Got motivation? July 21, 2011

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I belong to a Facebook group of other young Moms (yes, I’m 33 and still consider myself young) who are doing the 60-day slimdown program I’m partipating in.  A recent series of posts have come from people asking for help getting motivated. 

So that begs the question.  What is motivating me?  Well since I’m 33 let’s see if I can come up with 33 motivations.

  1. Seeing my boys grow up into men.
  2. Being able to play with my active children.
  3. Being able to play with my potential future grandchildren.
  4. My parents – they have lost about 100 pounds between the 2 of them since the beginning of the year.
  5. My sister – she’s always been slim so she’s proof that my “it’s in my genes” excuse is just that … an excuse.
  6. Looking great in a pair of skinny jeans.
  7. Feeling good about the body I see in the mirror.
  8. Knowing that if I get pregnant again that my weight will be low enough at the start that the scale will never go over 200 again.
  9. Completing the couch to 5K program.
  10. I remember how fantastic I felt when I weighed much less.
  11. Being a better Mommy (exercise gives me more patience with my kids)
  12. Modeling for my boys what a healthy lifestyle looks like.
  13. Not feeling self conscious in a bathing suit.
  14. Liking the body that looks back at me in the mirror.
  15. Being out of breath because I just worked out hard, not because I just walked up a flight of stairs.
  16. To get my wedding/engagement rings back on my finger.
  17. Being able to run another half marathon.
  18. Having enough energy at the end of the day to play hard when my boys when I get home from work instead of sitting us all in front of the tv for a movie so I can “rest”.
  19. I’ve held onto my skinny clothes, so wearing them again would be fabulous.
  20. Having C and B look at pictures when they’re older and be surprised at how fat Mommy was (meaning they have no personal recollection of my being anything other than fit).
  21. Not having a heart attack in my 40’s like my Dad did.
  22. Not having a stroke in my 60’s like my Grandparents did.
  23. Being able to show my friends who have gained so much weight with their pregnancies (and struggled to lose/didn’t lose it) that you CAN do it. 
  24. Being able to do a set of REAL push-ups, not just ‘girl’ ones.
  25. Weighing LESS than I did in high school (was a size 12-14 back then).
  26. Buying (and wearing) clothes in single digit sizes.
  27. Being fit enough to go hiking in the beautiful nearby Smoky Mountains.
  28. Not having my body jiggle while I do jumping moves.
  29. Losing the big belly so I can properly do a burpee.
  30. Being every bit as strong as my husband.
  31. Living a long life, and having as few years when I’m in poor health as possible.  I mean, cuz what’s the point in living to 100 if you feel like garbage for the last 40 of them?
  32. Not having my boys have to worry about my having a sudden heart attack or stroke (at least not until they are older men themselves).
  33. Working out and having C some and mimic my moves.  He may be 2 1/2, but he’s not too young to start working out himself. 

I know that some of these may appear to be more “goals” than motivations to some, but I’m of the belief that goals can be motivating.   Otherwise why make them?

Oh, and for those who know me in real life and were at my wedding, here is the explanation about why I’m not able to wear my wedding/engagement rings.  Yes, when I got married back in 2005 I weighed 210 pounds vs the 192 I weighed in at a couple days ago.  But, my rings are not currently at their original size.  When I lost 70 pounds in 2007 I had the rings resized because they fell off my fingers one day.  So my rings are much smaller than my current fingers.  I haven’t had my rings on since the second trimester of my pregnancy with C (took them off in August 2008).  It would be nice to be able to wear my beautiful diamond again.



Day 10 of 60 Day Slimdown July 19, 2011

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Today is my 10th Day of the 60 Day Slimdown Program.  So far I am really liking this program.  I am modifying it slightly.  On certain days she has cardio intervals (run/walk/sprint) for us to do.  I’m subbing the Couch to 5K program in for those, since as a former long-distance runner another of my goals is to get my endurance back.  But on the days where it lists specific DVD workouts to do, I am following them specifically. 

Part of the Slimdown Program is taking measurements every 10 days to measure progress.  Below are my results:

  • Dominant Arm:  12 1/2 (-1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Chest: 42 (no change since Day 1)
  • Neck: (no change since Day 1)
  • Natural Waistline: 39 (-3 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Navel: 47 1/2 (-1 1/2 inches since Day 1)
  • Hips: 43 3/4 (-1/2 inch since Day 1)
  • Leg: 25 (-2 inches since Day 1)
  • Calf: 17 1/4 (-1/4 inch since Day 1)
  • Weight: 192.2 (-4.8 pounds since Day 1).

That adds up to 4.8 pounds and 8 1/4 inches lost.  If you consider the fact that you have two arms and legs and therefore double those inches lost it makes it an 11 inch loss.

I am THRILLED with these results.  And I know they will just keep getting better, because others who have completed this program ahead of me tell me the exercises get more intense as the program goes along so that you are constantly challenging your body and getting results. 

One thing I absolutely love about this program is that all the assigned exercises are 30-40 minutes in length, so completely doable when you are busy.  Since I have been on maternity leave I’ve been doing them during afternoon nap time, but when I returm to work in October I’ll be able to fit it in once the boys go to sleep at night.


Getting the kids involved July 17, 2011

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Even though this blog is very young I have said it numerous times already that I am getting fit for my boys.  But it doesn’t do them any good for me to be fit and active if they spend their existence sitting around. 

I’ll admit it.  C watches much more tv than I would like.  Before I went out on maternity leave he was at a sitter during the day.  She would have the tv on pretty much the whole day.  And yes, he would play with toys and not just veg out, but he watched A LOT of tv.  And at night, my husband likes to decompress by watching tv.  So there were many days that C would have the tv on every single waking moment. 

I had grand plans for my maternity leave.  No tv during the day.  Lots of playing outside and being active.  I seem to have forgotten just how much work a newborn is.  Not to mention the fact that I breastfeed so how much of my day is related to sitting there with a nursling attached to me.  So needless to say we’re still watching quite a bit of tv.  I am trying to make sure that the tv I have on is educational and I have noticed C’s language just exploading before my eyes.  And I will turn it off quite a bit and he will play independently with his toys. 

One area I have wanted him to get involved in is our daily dog walk.  Typically I would push a stroller with both boys and have the lease in one hand.  I am not able to hold a leash in one hand, C’s hand in the other, AND push B in a stroller.  Today, though, I decided to let go of my expectations of a great cardio workout, strapped B to my body in my Ergo baby carrier, had the leash in one hand, and C’s hand in the other.  Our pace was pretty slow for me (just right for a 2 1/2 year old though).  If you follow all the cul-de-sacs in our subivision you can make a loop at 1 1/4 miles.  I didn’t think C would make it the whole way so we made a few short cuts and ultimately did about half of it.   So no, it wasn’t anything I’d count as exercise for me, but it was still a success.  I got both boys out in some Vitamin D rich sun (I’m deficient so this is good), C had some good cardio exercise, and we spent less time on our butts in front of the tv.  It’s also good to know that I don’t need to strap C into a stroller and not allow him to exercise at all.  He can participate with me now.  And hopefully once B gets older and is able, he can join us as well.